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How to Get The Most When You Sell Your House for Cash In New York

Is it time to move but you don’t know how to get started?

Are you ready to expand your family and need a bigger house? Do you want a change of scenery?

If you are screaming “Yes” at these questions, have no fear. We’ve got you covered.

Let’s get started on helping you to sell your NY house for cash.

A Real Fixer-Upper

Sell Your House for Cash In New York
Sell Your House for Cash In New York

When was the last time that you painted your house? The last time that you put up a new mailbox?

How much landscaping are you doing on a regular basis?

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression.

Make sure that your home is pleasant to the eye. Fresh paint, flowers, a new mailbox. No one is going to buy a home that they think is ugly.

So do your best to make it look like you want to sell your NY house for cash.

How many squeaky doors do you have?

How about stains in the carpet? Clutter as far as the eye can see?

All of that needs to change as well.

Your house really does need to be spotless if you’re going to be showing it to potential buyers.

Depersonalize to the extreme. Pets and everything associated with them, and family photos, need to be removed when readying your home for sale. Take all of the arts and crafts projects that your kids made when they were in grade school and put them into storage.

Pro tip: Put the money in the kitchen. If you want to sell a house, the kitchen will make or break the deal.

Marketing For The Win

How many hits has your house video been getting on Youtube?


That’s right.

Walk around the inside as well as the outside of you home with a video camera. Talk about the neighborhood as well as the house. Help the potential buyer visualize themselves in your home.

Make them want to buy it.

Even better yet, use your personal social media accounts to help sell your house for cash. Facebook is especially great for this. Chances are, you’ve got dozens of friends on facebook that are local.

They probably have dozens of local friends as well. Starting to see how all of these local friends can add up? That’s quite the network you have there!

Sell Low To Sell High

How much is your home worth?

Knock off ten percent and start there.

Crazy, isn’t it? Not so much.

Adding a percentage to your home’s value seems like a reasonable real estate trick. People have been doing it for years, right?

This can backfire in a huge way and keep your home on the market for way longer than it needs to be.

However, going the other way and starting ten percent lower than the home is worth can get more eyes on your home and even start a bidding war.

Starting with a lower price also shows potential buyers that you are serious about selling.

Use A Professional to sell your NY house for cash

Selling a home can be a hassle. Not everyone has the time and energy to do everything listed above. A real estate professional can help sell your NY house for cash and make the process painless for you as a seller.

If you’re in the Greater NY or Hudson Valley area, contact us today to see what our cash home-buying program in New York can do for you!

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