5 Tips for Siblings Dealing With Inherited Property in New York

5 Tips for Siblings Dealing With Inherited Property in New York

Have you inherited property in New York?

Regrettably, in the absence of careful consideration, one may unexpectedly find themselves navigating the complexities of inheriting their parents’ estate without a clear roadmap. Such a scenario can lead to a disorganized and tumultuous experience, as the division of their property among all children lacks proper preparation.

Unfortunately, without careful forethought, individuals can find themselves unexpectedly tangled in the complexities of inheriting their parents’ estate, with no clear path to follow. This situation often results in disarray, confusion, and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty.

While you may have cherished and nostalgic memories of the cozy family cabin situated on the tranquil lakeshore, the situation takes an unexpected turn when you become an heir responsible for the property. Now, not only does it become an emotional rollercoaster as you navigate the realm of shared ownership, but it also brings about an added financial burden.

Even for siblings who manage to gracefully navigate the grieving process together, the daunting task of settling the estate emerges as a time-consuming, expensive, and protracted affair that, if circumstances demand, could potentially endure for several long years, especially if probate court enters the equation. So, it becomes imperative to understand the intricate details and potential challenges that may arise during this journey.

Read on to learn these five tips for siblings dealing with inherited property in New York

One Person in Charge

If your parent didn’t set out a strategy in the will, such as appointing a non-sibling trustee, having one person coordinate everything is advantageous for siblings dealing with an inherited property in New York. There should be one central checklist to ensure that everyone follows up on the steps necessary to manage the property. It is helpful to handle all of the tasks by dividing the responsibilities among the siblings, and everyone can keep the person in charge of their progress, such as paying property taxes or performing routine maintenance of the property. You may find it best to hire a property manager and share the expenses.

Stay Civil

The sad truth is that nearly 70 percent of Americans die without a will in place. Communication is key and an essential tip for siblings dealing with an inherited property in New York. If you cannot have calm, adult discussions regarding business matters, it may be wise to bring in an impartial mediator. It is better to act sooner than later. Establishing guidelines and working out details helps avoid conflict among the siblings; after all, preserving the family is the ultimate goal.

Right Motivations

At times, a parent will favor giving to each by their need, perhaps aware of economic issues that particular child faces. Alternatively, a parent may dislike or even distrust a child’s spouse and place their portion of the inheritance under the control of another party. In contrast, other parents may prefer splitting the estate evenly in the hopes of avoiding hurt feelings or jealousy. Often infighting and emotional outbursts occur, which can cause long-term family rifts.  

One of the top conflicts among siblings is how to divide an inheritance, so it would well serve parents and their children to discuss the matter openly. Understanding the motivation behind the estate division is helpful for siblings dealing with an inherited property in New York. 

Be Fair

Being incredibly realistic is a valuable tip for siblings dealing with an inherited property in New York, which means acknowledging that there will be disagreements in the future. By accepting this reality, you can plan to deal with these situations in advance, with a system for majority rule that everyone feels is fair, whether it is a decision about paint color or more significant, such as a sibling desiring to live in the property full time. You will be glad you took the time to create some rules for guidance on permanent decisions, above the individual emotions of the siblings, which may be temporary.

Sell and Divide 

Finally, for siblings dealing with an inherited property in New York, selling the property and splitting the profits is a good solution if owning property will cause a rift. Another reason to sell and divide the proceeds is that one or more of the siblings cannot financially carry their share of any financial burdens or are under extreme economic duress and need the funds. Perhaps none of the children wish to live in or make use of the property. Regrettably, while many parents have the best intentions, they pass on a home in a state of severe disrepair, and the heirs don’t have the time or interest in making repairs. Another situation that may call for the siblings to agree to sell is when the property is near being foreclosed upon, which requires a fast sale.

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