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How To Sell My House Fast Hudson Valley NY

If you’re searching “sell my house fast Hudson Valley,” you know how important it is to get the sale done right away. You probably don’t even have the time to add the word “in” between “fast” and  ‘Hudson Valley” because you need to get this done!

Delaying the process with needless complications like real estate agents and endless paperwork will cost you time and money. So instead of waiting to sell your home, check out these awesome tips.

How To Sell My House Fast Hudson Valley NY

If you want to sell your home, you need to set a price and get the message out there.

Both of these services are typically handled by real estate agents. But you don’t want to hire a real estate agent. If you do, you could be paying commission fees of up to 6 percent.

The median price of homes in Dutchess County is $260,00

The median price of homes in Westchester  County is $600,00
The median price of homes in Putnam County is $340,00
The median price of homes in Ulster County is $215,00
The median price of homes in Orange County is $250,00
The median price of homes in Rockland County is $435,00

sell my house fast Hudson valleyIf you hire a real estate agent to sell a home at this price, they’re taking over ten thousand dollars from you. And that’s alongside the time cost. Selling your house in the Hudson Valley through a realtor could take months, and that may be the time you don’t have to make this sale.


One of the common tactics of people looking to get around hiring a real estate agent is pricing their own homes.

While this can save both time and money, proceed with caution. If you’re searching “how to sell my house fast Hudson Valley,” you’re probably in a crunch for time.

That crunch can get a whole lot worse when you factor in how long it might take to value your home. Summarizing the damages and improvements made to the place you’ve lived for years can be difficult.

In addition, you can only accurately price your home by checking out the prices of similar homes. This means adding a bunch of time to your schedule spent looking for similar homes on the market.

While it is possible if you put the work in, pricing your home will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult parts of selling your home.


Just like you found this post by searching “how to sell my house fast Hudson Valley,” you can also expect potential buyers to find your home online.

Advertising your home online is relatively easy. With websites like Zillow out there, it’s just a matter of finding the right place.

The other side of it is that, while there are plenty of good reasons not to work with a real estate agent, a lot of homebuyers have been fooled into only trusting the agencies.

Because of that, selling your home on Zillow without a real estate broker behind you might be harder than it seems.

And on top of online advertising, you’ll also need to get some advertising done offline. That means taking out newspaper advertisements and more and can also be a bit of a hassle.

Getting your advertisement in the newspaper can be another expense and difficulty for people selling their home on their own. And unless you’re a photographer or graphic designer, it can be a pain to get photographs taken properly.

Red Tape

In addition to pricing your home and spreading the word, you’ll also have quite a bit of red tape to handle.

While searching “sell my house fast Hudson Valley” usually does not involve the goal of more paperwork, that paperwork is also a legal necessity.

Not doing your paperwork properly can result in a failure to sell your home, as well as serious legal problems ranging from fines to jail time.

So don’t skip out on the paperwork.

You will need the following to sell your house quickly.

  • Your home’s original sales contract
  • Mortgage and financing documents
  • Tax Records
  • A professional appraisal from when you bought your house and records of all changes since then.
  • Homeowner’s insurance papers
  • A certificate of occupancy
  • A property survey
  • Certificates of compliance with zoning codes and building codes
  • Reports from any inspections you’ve had done before putting it up for sale
  • Home repair and maintenance records
  • Warranty information on any appliances you’re including with the house

As you can see, this is all incredibly time-consuming and may seem counterintuitive to a search for “how to sell my house fast Hudson Valley.” Nonetheless, doing things by the book is the only way to make sure your home sale is legitimate and that you profit.

Once again, not doing your legal work properly won’t just save you time. It will result in serious legal troubles that are absolutely not worth the hassle they cause.

Of course, this may also add another expense. A lot of people will want to make absolutely sure that they are making the sale above board (which is an entirely reasonable request.)

Unfortunately, that may involve hiring a real estate lawyer. And if you thought that real estate brokers were expensive, you have no idea how much a lawyer will cost you.

Is There A Better Way To Sell My House?

If you were looking for “how to sell my house fast Hudson Valley,” you probably weren’t expecting such a detailed process, nor were you expecting one so expensive.

Luckily, there are better and cheaper ways for people in Hudson Valley to sell their homes.

We help people like you, who search “sell my house fast Hudson Valley” because they need to make a quick home sale in an effective way.

Our strategy is simple: we buy homes as they are, at any price range, and put them on the market later on. In even simpler terms, we take away the hassle of dealing with brokers and realtors.

While the strategy may seem simple, sometimes it’s the simple things that work the best.

So if you want to stop searching “sell my house fast Hudson Valley” and actually sell your house fast in the Hudson Valley, you absolutely must get in touch with us.

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