The Easiest Way to Sell a House Fast in NY

The easiest way to sell a house fast is to sell it to a Real Estate Investment Group.

sell a house fast ny

We could stop here, but then we would feel like we were cheating you out of some good information.

You probably want to know exactly what it means to sell your home to a Real Estate Investment group. You probably also want to know exactly how to sell to a Real Estate Investment Group.

There are legitimate reasons why you would want to sell a house fast. You might have a property sitting empty and need some fast money. You might have accepted a job offer across the country and want to sell your home before you move.

Whatever your reasoning, it’s always a good idea to examine why you want to sell your home quickly. But once you decide, it’s time to jump right in and sell.

If You Sell A House Fast, You Get Quick Cash

The capital resources of a Real Estate Investment Group are not a myth. They really do have the capital to pay you immediately.

Most cash home buyers like us specialize in working closely with homeowners to provide fast cash buyouts for their houses. There are no realtors and no repairs necessary! When you say, “I need to sell a house fast in NY,” call us because we buy houses fast– for cash!

You Can Sell Your House Blind

Some investors will buy your house without any inspections.

When you sell your house through an agent, buyers will certainly want to inspect the house. This often results in costly repairs on your end.

But if you sell a house fast through a Real Estate Investment Group, you might find it selling even faster because you avoid repairs.

Home inspectors get busy. You could be put on a waiting list. And the inspector might take a whole month to get to your house.

If you have the opportunity to sell to an investor without waiting for an inspection, go for it. You will definitely sell your house fast.

Zero Commission

Real estate agents typically take a 5-6% cut of the sale price. And often times it could even be higher.

But, if you sell a house fast with a Real Estate Investment Group, you can forego that painful percentage cut you pay to an agent.

Let’s help you visualize what that 5-6% actually means. Because you might be thinking in terms of that dinner you ate at the local grub-hut and the 15% you gave to your wait staff. But this is different. The numbers are much larger.

Let’s assume your house is worth a modest $250,000. 6% of $250,000 is $15,000. And if your house is worth $500,000, 6% is $30,000. You could buy your child a brand new car for that amount.

Getting rid of that 6% commission will certainly put more money in your pocket at closing time.

Sell A House Fast In NY By Reducing Closing Time

On average closing on a house can take up to 45 days  in NY, NJ, and CT. Sometimes closing on a house can take even longer depending on various factors.

If you sell a house fast by selling to a Real Estate Investment Group, you can shorten the closing time to seven days.

That’s an 84% reduction in the time between when you decide to sell and when you have cash in your pocket.

Now, you tell us, where else are you going to get such fast service?

Sell A House Fast In NY And Avoid Foreclosure

If you’ve hit a particularly bad stretch and can’t pay your mortgage anymore. First of all, we’re sorry. That is something nobody should have to go through.

Second of all, we have an incredible semi-solution for you. Sell your house to a Real Estate Investment Group. While it won’t get you your house back, it will help you avoid foreclosure by the bank.

Foreclosure is a nasty thing. It will destroy your credit score and put your family at risk. If you let this happen, you will have a much harder time getting a mortgage for your next house.

But, if you sell a house fast through a Real Estate Investment Group, however painful it might be in the moment, you save your credit score.

You can use whatever is left over after the mortgage to put down on a smaller house. Or you could rent for a while until you rebuild your finances again.

You Avoid The Risk Of A Buyer Backing Out

One of the common complaints about selling with an agent is that a contract means nothing.

You can get almost to closing, and a buyer will get cold feet. The buyer only loses their deposit if they back out.

When you sell a house fast to a Real Estate Investment Group, you are selling to a committed buyer.

We are fully dedicated to closing your sale. If we say we want to buy your property, we want to buy your property. There are no if’s about it.

You Cut Out The Middleman

Have you ever tried to speak to someone through a translator? It’s time-consuming and annoying.

With selling through an agent, you have a long line of middlemen you have to go through before selling your property.

If you want to sell a house fast, don’t go that route. You will only get bogged down in a domino chain of middlemen that are glued to the table.


If any of the above benefits of selling to a Real Estate Investment Group appeal to you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sell your home fast in NY, NJ, CT through Sell Now Homebuyers. It’s quick, easy and free. If you’re looking for a cash offer on your new york house we can help.  We’ll present you with a fair no-obligation offer and we’ll get you in contact with a local and reputable attorney and title company.

Don’t settle for the arduous, sell your house fast with us.

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